Saturday, January 30, 2010

Courage and Consequence Review

Courage and Consequence the book by Karl Rove. You already know it's going to be bad. However, the compilation LP? Should be awesome.

The subtitle for Karl Rove's book Courage and Consequence is "My Life as a Conservative in the Fight". What fight? Against whom? Oh, wait. The fight against things like truth, liberty, justice, transparency, and all the things that America really holds dear and needs. Karl Rove's role as a Conservative against that sort of thing. Got it.

Really though, his new book is just a fight for more dollars and more attention for someone who should probably be treated with contempt for what is sure to be a self-aggrandizing revisionist memoir. But don't let Karl Rove get you down. Stand up and fight by clicking on his name and finding out the sonic truth.

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