Saturday, January 30, 2010

Courage and Consequence Best Value

The upcoming book by Karl Rove egregiously entitled Courage and Consequence is already available for pre-order at both the publisher Simon and Schuster, and Simon and Schuster are selling it for $30 and has it on pre-order for $20. So which of these represents the best value?

As it turns out, neither of them are the best value. Why spend any money at all on a book that you won't even read because it will be a pile of turgid conservative auto-eroticism? You'll be able to pick up copies of this book for free at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets nationwide within no time at all (trust me, people will be giving them away), and why would you want to pick them up for free? Because you can help start fires with them, and when winter comes, it will make good sense to use it's pages to start fires in your hearth, stove, or fireplace. Nothing warms the heart like schlock on fire.

So what can you do with the $20 that you have just saved by not purchasing Karl Rove's Courage and Consequence? You can pre-order at a bargain price of $20 the soon to be released Courage and Consequence compilation LP which itself promises to pack enough latent energy to power the heaters in your home, and in your heart, throughout many a winter, and thus free you from the onerous thought of even having to touch aforementioned book at all. Because really, even if you could start a fire with it, why would you want something Rovian in your home?

Why Rove when you can Rock? Courage and Consequence available at the absolute best price here.


  1. I agree that using the book to start a nice warming fire is the most useful thing to do with it, but then won't your house smell like festering dog shit?

  2. true that karl rove guy should be rotting in jail.