Saturday, January 30, 2010

12 Reasons you shouldn't read Courage and Consequence

There are at least 12 reasons why you shouldn't read Courage and Consequence by Karl Rove, and probably dozens upon dozens more that I haven't thought of. It's obviously going to be a self-gratifying puff-piece that revises his asinine behaviour from cretinous to mythical and embellishes his record of villainy into one of nobleness.

On the surface of it, Rove looks fat and jolly. He looks like he should be selling bait at a tackle shop. He bears a passing resemblance to the outstanding actor Ned Beatty (many apologies Ned), and perhaps this is fitting because it is Ned Beatty's character in the movie "Network" who really delivers the ultimate lines on how media will be used to control our society. Paddy Chayevsky's Oscar for Best Original Screenplay was well-deserved, and the screenplay itself was depressingly prophetic.

Karl Rove's insidious and deceitful manipulation of the election system, and Machiavellian manipulation of the media, as well as his outright violation of the law really means that he should be shunned and dismissed and serving jail time for being the lout that he is. Instead he seems set to reap even more rewards and money with a fat book deal and book tour based on a memoir that was probably ghost written for him and then glossed over even further by his bovine hand.

Well, not everyone is going to stand for it. The excellent Conan Neutron has started a project entitled Courage and Consequence featuring 12 excellent bands who are also just as irritated by the organism that is Karl Rove as he is. It's going to be a compilation LP non-celebrity musical roast of Rove and his shortcomings. The bands featured and the tracks they are contributing are as follows:

The Heavenly States- A Man For Our Times

Generalissimo - Swarm

Cartographer - The Biggest Asshole In the World

Cold Lake - Courage and Consequence

Victory and Associates - Lies, and the Lying Liars That Sell Them

Rival Dickens - Forget the Naughts (Rick Valentin from Poster Chlidren solo)

United Sons of Toil - Invention VS Innovation

Death Dream - Karl Rove, Let's Get Dirty

Have Special Power - A Rove by Any Other Name

Hurry Up Shotgun- Car Bomb

Lambs of Abortion - New American Century

We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next
- Don't Praise the Machine

An excerpt from the memoir fighting site reads:

The idea began as an internet rant and quickly has expanded since then.
Karl Rove, Bush's brain, the man behind George W. Bush's presidency wrote a memoir and had the unmitigated gall to call it "Courage and Consequence". I'm irritated by a lot of things, but this really rubbed me the wrong way. The architect of the Swift Boat Veterans, 2 wars, and our economic crisis taking a victory lap and making money on book tours? Courage?
Interested in purchasing this? It's affordable, cheap, discounted even, considering the quality of the work, and perhaps the free shipping is included in the price? It's available for pre-order, you can have it weeks before anyone else! It's grand, it's hyped, it's available here.

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