Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Courage and Consequence: Unabridged Audio

The upcoming Courage and Consequence album being put out by Conan Neutron is going to have the words "unabridged audio" somewhere on it's cover, which is great, seeing as how Conan is forging ahead and getting all the material onto a single slab of vinyl proper, thus truly making it unabridged. 12 bands, 12 tracks, all anti-Rove.

However, it makes one wonder if the book by Karl Rove will also have an unabridged audio, someone monotonously reading all 608 pages of it so that people can then listen to it on a 4-CD set or something? Who would do this? And why? Probably the same people that send televangelists money. Furthermore what B-list Republican actor would they hire to read the story? Or would Rove do it himself? The whole concept is cringe-worthy, and best not thought about. Actually, I'd kind of like someone to read Rove's draft deferment record especially since the swift boating of John Kerry is one of the most egregious character assassinations ever committed, and even more ludicrous in light of things like this. Blood boiling.

Better to work out some of that anger by listening to Courage and Consequence the album. Follow the links on the first post in this blog (somewhere down at the bottom of this page) and find out a little bit about some of the bands that will be on the compilation album, and listen to some of there other works. Thanks to Hurry Up Shotgun I've been walking around the house saying "Put the Ship Up for Sail" for the last hour or two, and "Cicada Wail" has helped a bit as well. I'm now going to mellow out just a touch with The Heavenly States  for a bit.

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